Coastal Clash Field Hockey Events Schedule

Winter League


The first event in 2016 is winter league. Winter league is a great opportunity to play weekly competitive matches right here in San Diego. For full details visit our Winter League Page.

Winter Training


Winter training is run alongside winter league. Winter training is a great complement to our winter league allowing for individualized coaching and skill development. For full details visit our Winter Training Page.

Spring Training


When winter training ends, spring training begins. Spring training is a valuable opportunity to stay sharp for the upcoming collegiate and Cal Cup tournaments. For full details visit our Spring Training Page.

Berkeley Tournament

Early-mid March

The first of two collegiate tournaments, the Berkeley 7v7 tournament is a great opportunity to get to experience playing on a Division I field hockey turf at a prestigious California university. For full details visit our Berkeley Tournament Page.

Stanford Tournament

Early-mid April

The second of two collegiate tournaments, the Stanford tournament is played in the progressive hockey 5’s format. Another great opportunity to visit your potential future college. For full details visit our Stanford Tournament Page.

Yellow Ribbon Tournament


The Yellow Ribbon Tournament is the first of two local spring tournaments that raise money for great causes. This fun one-day tournament benefits suicide awareness and prevention. For full details visit our Yellow Ribbon Tournament Page.

Play for Pink Tournament

Mid-late April

The second of two charity tournaments, The Play for Pink Tournament offers a fun field hockey playing experience while raising money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For full details visit our Play for Pink Tournament Page. 

California Cup Tournament

Memorial Day Weekend, end of May

The California Cup Tournament is a must play for all Southern California residents. As the largest field hockey tournament on the west coast, The California Cup Tournament offers a chance to watch international level field hockey in between games of your own. For full details visit our California Cup Tournament Page.  

Summer League 


Summer league is a fun opportunity to play in weekly competitions to prepare for the quickly approaching high school season. High-school-aged athletes are strongly encouraged to sign-up and play. For full details visit our Summer League Page.  

Summer Training


Summer training runs concurrently with the Summer League, and is the last opportunity for high school athletes to get valuable coaching from our experienced staff before the high school season. For full details visit our Summer Training Page.

National Field Hockey Festival Tournament

Thanksgiving Day Weekend, End of November

This year’s festival tournament is located in Palm Beach County Florida, and is the premier recruitment tournament for high school athletes. 100+ NCAA coaches from across the nation will be lining the sidelines for a chance to find players for their college field hockey programs. For full details visit our Festival Tournament Page.